Kristina Partsis

Mixed Media Clipboard Workshop

Uncomfortable and lacking confidence…the way I felt before taking Dee Faust’s multi-media workshop. Through this expertly guided, step by step, simple (for me) process, I was able to create a product of which I could be proud! The environment felt welcoming and inviting and free for me to be safe to experiment. Now I am comfortable and much more confident. Thank you Dee for an amazing experience! ~ Kristina Partsis

Chikako Nagayama

Mixed Media Art Journal Workshop

The most valuable part of this workshop was to learn basic techniques and materials for painting. I learned things that I never knew of, such as layering of images to evoke the viewer’s interest. I started to create art journal weekly. Also, since the workshop, I have started to include drawing and water colour painting in my regular journaling. Yesterday, I added water colour painting in a diagram that summarized my CV (i.e. academic resume, please see the attachment). I enjoyed the process of making this visual CV. It feels that the visual component helps to see myself and my situation at a different level. The visual-self seems to be more accepting and observant than the verbal-self. Environment – Comfortable, inspire to create? Yes, very much. Nice to be surrounded by art materials and tools! Dee was with me over three hours and attuned to my needs and requests perfectly. Your workshop inspired me to do something that I never imagined to do by myself, so I would say the workshop is very valuable. (If you are asking about pricing,) 60 dollars is less than you would pay for a massage therapist’s one hour treatment. I am not a super rich person, but I find your pricing is fair and manageable. : D I would recommend this workshop to others because introducing visual creation at daily basis is really refreshing. Who, in my opinion, would benefit from this workshop? I think someone who is looking for a method to reflect on oneself, who want to accept one’s deep emotions and desires, and who wants to express oneself creatively, would benefit from this workshop. I also wonder if jobseekers can use art journal to explore and redefine who they are? Dee is very talented to provide timely help in such a fluid, intuitive process. She is a great teacher. ~ Chikako Nagayama

Diana Tso

Mixed Media Clip Board

Mixed Media Projects

Dee’s workshop was fun and made easy. She is patient and encouraging in guiding participants on a creative journey with an exciting introduction to the art form and with clear and accessible step by step instructions.  The intimate & beautiful studio filled with an extensive diversity of art materials at our fingertips & small group size made exchanging ideas& sharing feedback between participants an added bonus to our creating.  Dee is a giving and nurturing artist, supporting each individual  in discovering their creative spirit and unique personality.  ~ Diana Tso

Wanda Goodman

Mixed Media Clip Board

Mixed Media Art Canvas

The great part about Dee’s classes is her imagination. She can take an ordinary piece of paper or canvas or clip board and turn it into a work of art. She is patient and gentle in her approach and she is amazing at giving ideas or creating a safe place so that you can explore on your own. She has so many materials to choose from that you feel like a kid in a candy store. I thoroughly enjoy creating every time I am at Dee’s studio ~ Wanda Goodman

Sang Kim

Summer Art Camp – 2 Weeks

Dee was able to transform my nine year-old daughter from a disinterested dabbler of arts and crafts into an artist-can-be with a genuine passion and defined aesthetic. More importantly, through one-on-one sessions with Kiki, Dee was able to lure to the surface an innate creative confidence and for that I am grateful. Dee is one of those artists who recognizes immediately a child’s capacity for always finds the right route to direct it. I cannot thank her enough.  ~ Sang Kim

Dulice Pechen

Mixed Media Art Canvas

Christmas Crafty Ornaments

Card Making

Both myself and my 5 year old son has attended Dee’s workshops on separate occasions.  Dee is great with students of all ages, she is very patient and she encourages her students to explore with their own creativities; no matter what level of experience you have. Being a novice myself Dee has made me felt very comfortable, she has answered all my questions while offering lots of useful tips and has demonstrated various techniques.  I was able to take what I have learnt from the workshop and applied them to my own projects afterwards. Dee enjoys what she does, and it shows!  ~ Dulice Pechen