dee faust


adventure  risk  truth healing  expression  acceptance  renewal  totality

To me, the process of art making is a meditative and deeply personal one. Bringing art into my daily life makes me feel connected to my heart and soul, as well as to the world around me. When I engage in creative activities, I feel alive and full, and my whole being exhilarated, my senses sharpened. In these sacred, precious moments of art making, I realize that I am being embraced by the warmth and intensity (excitement) of life itself, it sort of reminds me of the feeling of “being-in-love”.
I seldom call it by its name, but I think this is called “passion”.

I am….
  • an art-journaler, art & craft maker, art inspirer and a wife living in Toronto
  • a paper / art supplies / office & school stationery / ephemera junkie
  • proponent of upcycling: utilizing and incorporating ordinary, found materials/objects into making art
  • a firm believer that Art heals, evokes passion, enables a balanced life. Art is essential to cultivating one’s sense of well-being and richness in life, and most importantly, it can lead us back to our own {heart}
  • convinced that we are all artistic, creative, imaginative, fun & loving beings passionate about inspiring an artistic life through teaching in workshops, to document and communicate our personal journeys through art
  • dedicated to encouraging others to share their stories through art that leads to self-discovery to self-love (and embrace every step along the way)
  • enjoys sleeping, daydreaming, film, reading, solitude, quality time with friends and family, ghost stories, philosophizing, cooking, eating, and hanging out with my husband

I work out of my home attic studio. I bring art journaling, mixed-media art, and crafty workshops to birthday parties, special occasion gatherings amongst friends/families, and in other community or commercial settings. Small size classes (maximum 4 people) and art camps are offered upon request at my home studio, which provides an intimate, safe and nurturing environment to play, to experiment, to share the joy in exploring your creativity, and to discover what makes your {heart} sing.