{Art Journaling Introduction} A journey into yourself

Make art. Make connections.

{Art Journaling} is incorporating visual art images with traditional journal writing. I have been journaling with art since I was 13 years old. I would incorporate ephemeras and doodling in my journal pages. I did not know there was a name for this titillating / fascinating / enchanting / mesmerizing practice of combining journal writing and visual images. Now I know. When I write, I immerse in a world of my own, of which consists of my random thoughts, dream-scapes, hopes and joys, anger and frustration, my life stories, my imaginations. Journal writing takes me to the paths from delightful memories keeping to digging deep into the unknown. When I create visual images alongside my writing, I feel the freedom to further delve into the subconscious, letting my story unfold itself through the use of color, texture, and imageries. My Art Journal is like my best friend who never judges, she listens to my heart, she sometimes surprises me with insights into the place where my heart was at or where it needed to be. It is a mirror into my soul, while can be challenging to my notion of self, but also giving me great joy and comfort that “I” could just “be”, and that I was never travelling alone.




In this 2.5-hour workshop, you will be introduced to methods of Art Journaling, using various art and mixed media techniques and materials. We will begin by exploring and discovering the uses of common household and found objects with different mediums to create a visual art journal page. No prior art experience required.


We will begin with the use of a Journaling Prompt. Journaling Prompts are journaling ideas/topics to inspire you to write. For the purpose of this introductory workshop, we will begin with topics that focus on yourself – telling stories or making discoveries of who / what / where / how or even why You are.

Class Size:

Maximum 4 (in Studio)


$35.00 – 2.5-hours session Please inquire about group discount and multiple sessions special discount

What to bring:

  • Please bring a sketchbook for wet media to work on as your own Art Journal, so that you can continue this creative journey in future classes or on your own
  • Other supplies used in this workshop will be provided
  • (Optional) Artist / Crafter’s Basic Tool Kit (if you already have one)
  • (Optional) Images of your choosing (papers, magazine clippings, photographs, your own artworks)
  • Please wear comfortable and casual clothes as we might get messy when creating
  • An adventurous and open-mind