Mongolian Night

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Mongolia Map


I attended a very interesting event a couple weeks ago called “Mongolian Street Food” at the Louie Craft Coffee near the Liberty Village in Toronto.  This event was organized by the Canada Mongolian Chamber of Commerce (CMCC) to celebrate their 1st Anniversary, and to promote Mongolian Culture through street foods.

I was immediately drawn to both aspects of the rare opportunity to explore “Mongolian” and “Street Food” culture, so I decided to venture out on this otherwise humdrum Wednesday night.

Upon arrival to a full house at the Louie Craft Coffee, I was greeted with a roomful of friendly faces of young men and women with full smile and sparkly eyes.  We were offered a refreshing Seabuckthorn drink, which is a very concentrated berry juice mixed with your choice of flat or carbonated water.  Then I was led to my seat and the dinner menu was presented and explained to me by the friendly staff.



Buuz – traditional Mongolian lamb + beef dumplings

Ulaanbaatar (UB) Salad – potato salad with a choice of vegetarian or beef tongue

Hailmag – Mongolian butter pastry (chocolate or peanut butter)

Tsai – salted Mongolian milk tea

Seabuckhorn Juice


CMCC Mentor Program Coordinator Khulan ZalaaUul


Mongolian Street Food event hostess and CMCC Mentor Program Coordinator Khulan ZalaaUul

serving up the delicious Seabuckthorn berry drink.


Seabuckthorn berry drink. Fascinated to read about all the goodness in this Seabuckthorn berry drink.



A Mongolian butter pastry that comes in two flavors: chocolate or peanut butter


It was quite a treat to taste all these authentic Mongolian street foods, but I was even more touched by the opportunity to meet and talk to the Mongolian Canadians, whom I have never had a chance to meet before.  I was shocked to learn that there are only about 200 Mongolians living in Toronto, it made the CMCC’s 1st Anniversary even more meaningful and precious, and I felt very special to be amongst this small community to celebrate with them.  I hope to support the CMCC’s efforts in their future endeavour, and wish their community will grow in population and prosper.   Congratulations CMCC on your first Birthday and many, many more!