banner of well wishes – event follow up & pictures share

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We had a great turnout at the Banner event at Wanda’s studio yesterday – we have made 35 banners!!!

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to everyone who have made time to participate in this project. The amazing support and heart-felt emotions flooded through the studio, and I hope that the energies and sentiments will linger on so whe Wanda returns, she will alays feel the love and support that we have for her.

We have just finished the Presentation Ceremony at the studio today. Wanda was so touched by all the love and support, she cried from the first banner to the last. It wouldn’t have meant as much if I am doing this alone, I am so grateful that we all made it happened.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures of the workshop as well as the completed banners that I am sharing here with all of you.

One last well wish: Wanda, we know you are strong and brave and beautiful, you can do it, and we are all here for you!