workshop idea to support a friend

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We have some updates on Wanda’s surgery. The surgery date is set for December 12th, 2014 to remove the tumor from her sinus cavity, and to save her eye from the damage from the tumor. It will be a very intricate and lengthy nine hour operation.

Inspired by Wanda’s Guinness World Record breaking event at the island in Toronto this past summer (, I came up with the idea to gather Wanda’s beloved family, students and close friends to create a “Banner of Well Wishes” collectively, the goal is to summon all of our positive energies and encouragements to help Wanda fight this battle, and to know that she is never alone.

I felt so blessed that the Goodmans were supportive of this idea, and provided me with the opportunity to connect with Wanda’s family, students and close friends in pursue of this very meaningful project. There will be 3 workshop sessions held at Wanda’s Creative Clay studio on (Sunday) 12/07/2014. The project is being self-funded by Art to {Heart} Studio, so it will not cost the participants anything to partake in this project.

I am thinking of using medium weight canvas as the base of the banner. There will be no sewing involved at the workshop, art and craft supplies will be provided to embellish the banner. Participants are encouraged to bring any photographs or personal ephemeras along to decorate their banners.

I am also planning to invite Wanda and all the participants to meet back at Wanda’s studio for a Presentation Ceremony before Wanda goes into surgery, at which time, the individual banner pieces will be strung together for presentation.

Since the surgery date is getting near, I must act fast to send out the invitations. With such short notice and the holiday season fast approaching, the invitees are given only a few days to RSVP. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they can find the time to come out and show their support to root for Wanda’s victory in her upcoming battle for a full, speedy and complete recovery.