the first battle is won and getting ready for the next

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To be honest with you, I could not quite concentrate on much else other than my BFF Wanda’s health issue for the past month and a half, therefore I have dedicated a few posts solely on the updates and follow-ups on her health, as well as the progress of the workshop I have designed and hosted to give her support.

Thank goodness the surgery on Dec 12th went well, and Wanda is now recovering in the hospital. Wanda truly has a fighter’s spirit. She underwent a nine hour operation on Friday, and was able to get up on her feet briefly on Sunday. With all my heart, I wish Wanda a speedy and complete recovery from the surgery and emotional trauma this has brought about. I would also like to send my love and well wishes to her husband and caregiver, Eric, who is always there by her side, day and night, despite being alone in a stressful and frightening situation. He struggles to remain strong; making sure everything is all right.

On that note, I am signing off for the holiday season. I will be traveling with my husband down South for a bit. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I will be in touch with you again on my return.